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Windows Update January 2019

New! A Windows Update rolled out by Microsoft around 9 January 2019 has caused signifcant problems for most Compscore2 users as some core parts of program functionality fail. The main problem is a program crash when trying to open an existing session or upload results to the web site. The error description refers to "unrecognizable database format".

We have identified the cause, and have now modified Compscore2 so that the issue no longer occurs. However, to repair an existing database, the problem Windows patch needs to be un-installed so that Compscore2 can upgrade your database.

The steps to follow are:

  • Uninstall the Windows update: For Windows 10 users, this is done via Start | Setting, Update and Security, View Update History, Uninstall Updates. This last step lists all recent updates, and the one to uninstall will have been downloaded around 9 January 2019 and will probably be one of the ones listed below. Windows 7 users will follow a slightly different track and their Windows Update's KB number will be different but the download date would be very recent. The rollback process may take a few minutes and will involve a computer restart.
  • Upgrade your Compscore2 database: Once this Windows update has been rolled back, your Compscore2 program will be fully functional. However your Compscore2 database needs to be upgraded so that if/when this Windows update is downloaded again (and it probably will), the same thing doesn't happen. To do this, download and install the latest Compscore2 build, and open Compscore2. This will commence the usual Update process, and changes will be made your Compscore2 database so Compscore2 will still function normally if the patch is downloaded later.
  • For users with multiple databases: If you have more than one Compscore2 database (most users don't), you should open each of them in Compscore2 as soon as possible to force the updgrade steps. Compscore2 databases can't be upgraded once the problem Windows patch is back in place.

The relevant Windows Update will be one of the following:

  • KB4480116 for Windows 10 Version 1809
  • KB4480966 for Windows 10 Version 1803
  • KB4480978 for Windows 10 Version 1709
  • KB4480973 for Windows 10 Version 1703
  • KB4480961 for Windows 10 Version 1609
  • KB4480962 for Windows 10 Version 1507
  • KB4480963 (Monthly Rollup) for Windows 8.1
  • KB4480964 (Security Only) for Windows 8.1
  • KB4480970 (Monthly Quality Rollup) for Windows 7 SP1
  • KB4480960 (Security-only update) for Windows 7 SP1