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Compscore2 Feature List

General features

  • Simple to use and extensive on-line help, plus printed manual
  • Program updates available on-line
  • Designed and written by qualified congress director / bridge player, and used in over 200 clubs
  • Continually being enhanced, based on user feedback and Club / Director needs
  • Used in many bridge clubs, ranging in size from 50 to over 1,000 members, and with regular session sizes from 3 to 50 tables

For regular club sessions

  • Supports Bridgemates (any model), Bridgepads, Bridge Scorers, and Bridgetabs, as well as manual scoring
  • Built-in Mitchells - NS rovers, odd and even numbers with skip or share & bye and any sit-out, 1.5 table appendix, and a web builder to create templates for any web mopvement based on 7, 9, 11 or 13 board rounds
  • Standard templates to manage 3 to 9 table howell / one-winner movements and a variety of reduced howells and other one-winner movements, and unlimited scope for other one-winner or two-winner movements using user-editable templates
  • Teams events - Whist, New England, Round-Robin, either single or multiple session, also Swiss Pairs and Teams
  • Score Pairs sessions by matchpoint, Butler or cross-imps, aggregate, and Teams by imps, VPs or point-a-board
  • Individual events with user-manageable movement template
  • Players can enter either club computer number or ABF number to Bridgemates
  • Powerful anomalies checker, looking for potential Bridgemate entry errors, with option to import BRI file for enhanced anomaly checking
  • Supports all the Bridgemate display options - lead card, trick count entry and display, player names, next round movement details, end-of-round percentage and rank display
  • On-screen timer with warning buzzer option
  • Handles all Australian or New Zealand masterpoint requirements (including NZ's 2017 changes), through to creating and uploading the monthly or quarterly Masterpoint Centre files
  • Red, green and gold masterpoints (Australia)
  • Club membership management, including annual renewal statements and new member welcome letters
  • Handicapping using one of three methods (Compscore and Rapscore, and Pivot), with option for handicap per day per player, or just per player
  • Integrates tightly with Altosoft-built web sites, offering detailed session results upload with a single click, and with option for actual hands to be displayed on the web site
  • Produces HTML files for use on other web sites
  • Quick Start and Troubleshooting guides (2-page PDFs) to cover a variety of situations
  • Updateable Masterpoint database via an automatic or manual download
  • Option to print Movements Reports: Master Chart, Table Cards (optionally showing player names), Personal Movement Slips (optionally showing player names), Initial Starting Tables
  • Session consolidations: across-the-field, eclectics (individual or pair), standard Multi for pairs and teams, Multi-ladder, for matchpoint and imp-scored sessions
  • Handles multi-session barometers
  • Reports include - Green Point Achievement Report, Player Frequency Report, showing most frequent players over a given time period, Lost Player Report showing regular players whose haven't played recently, and Tables by Day of Week
  • Mini-McCutcheons, listing the top 5 masterpoint earners per category for the year within your club (Australia only)
  • Other annual improver and achievement reports, also Tables by Day of Week
  • Calculates session median player rank (for masterpoint master factor)
  • All reports can be saved at PDF file, or as display reports for use with a data projector
  • Simple interface and Quick Close option to simplify standard club sessions
  • New WBF VP scale (with decimals) available for Teams and Butler Pairs events
  • Template builder, allowing users to develop templates for any pairs or teams movement
  • Simplified substitute management for multis
  • Impose session penalties and adjustments
  • Results export in USEBIO XML for use with Pianola and Bridgeweb sites
  • Web Mitchell template builder

For tournament directors (these are all standard Compscore2 features which clubs can also use)

  • Many of the above features apply to congress events too
  • Supports Swiss Pairs and Teams, Round Robin Teams and Barometer / Templated Pairs events
  • Butler, cross-imps and matchpoint scoring, also Leaders' Butler
  • Quick names look-up from ABF / NZ Bridge database
  • Tournament event masterpointing - determine median player, congress acceleration factor, weighting and restriction factors, Pairs masterpointing on per-win or sessional basis
  • Transfer players between events, and feed players from qualifying event to finals based on qualifying result
  • Carry-forwards in Teams and Pairs events
  • Automatic and manual player seeding and category allocation
  • Drop-outs and drop-ins allowed in Pairs and Teams events
  • Support traditional and McManus triangles for Swiss Teams with odd number of tables
  • Walk-in Swiss Pairs and Swiss/Round Robin Teams where players enter their numbers at their table
  • Bridgemates or manual scoring for all events
  • Results and Draws can be displayed using data projector and sent to other display PCs
  • Quick Post option to automate various end-of-round tasks (e.g. results, next draw, personal slips etc)
  • Detailed personal results summary per round or session, with option to print ready for guillotining and distribution based on next round seating
  • Whole reporting system allows for very transparent reporting
  • One-click to create an export file for QBA Results page for Queensland directors
  • Concurrent Bridgemate sections, even when running Swiss movements, ideal for graded events
  • Pair Datums reporting for Teams events
  • Board-a-Match scoring
  • Display of slow tables / tables with results outstanding

Altosoft web sites for clubs

  • Template-based, but with personalisation to differentiate your site from other clubs
  • Results display tightly integrated with Compscore2
  • Automatic and user-editable Breaking News on front page
  • Almost all facets of web site content are user-editable
  • Standard pages - Results, Coming Events, Session Times, Lessons, Calendar, Contact, Photos, Documents
  • Ability to upload user-generated PDFs and JPGs for display on site (e.g. newsletters)
  • Standard calendar (based on Queensland events) with option for user-added events and removal of inapplicable standard events
  • Full congress management facility via a password for managing congress entries, and which are displayed for public viewing on the Coming Events page
  • Display of boards from either BRI files (showing all hands with point count) or Dealmaster Pro TXT files (showing full hands plus point count and makeable contracts) and abiity to create required TXT files from PBNs