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Compscore2 and Bridgemates Explained

Why use Bridgemates? The traditional method of scoring duplicate bridge sessions is on paper travellers, which accompany the board around the room. The process involved someone sitting down after the session and entering the results from those travellers into a scoring program (or worse - scoring it manually!). This is a time consuming task, especially when running 15+ tables, and considering that most sessions for most clubs are run by volunteer directors and scorers, this can be an onerous task.

Using Bridgemates (or similar scoring devices), there is a tabletop unit at each table. Players enter the result for each board after they've played it, and at the end of the sessions, all that is required is a couple of mouse-clicks in the scoring program and the scoring is done. Most times, the players can see their results before they go home!

Bridgemates and Compscore2: Bridgemates don't come with any scoring software as such. All the Bridgemates and Bridgemate software do is hold the movement data (i.e. which pairs playing which boards and which table), take the result entered at the table and send it back to a holding database. It is the scoring program that:-

  • determines the movement data (based on what the director enters) for transmission to the Bridgmates,
  • receives the raw score data from the Bridgemates,
  • matchpoints and factorises where necessary in order to produce the results;
  • holds the player names; and
  • performs many other tasks like membership and masterpoint management, scoring of multi-session events, and so on.

There are several scoring programs that work with Bridgemates, of which Compscore2 is just one.

Try it now: Click here to download an evaluation version.

Email us at for more information on Compscore2. Information on the Bridgemate scoring units is available from the Bridgemate Australia web site.

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