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Compscore2 Testimonials

New! If you're a current user and like Compscore2, fill in our on-line testimonial form and we'll add your comments to the list.

Read what some directors or clubs have to say about Compscore2...

Anthony Plevier, Warrnambool Bridge Club: As far as I know it is the most user friendly scoring system available. I have taught several people in our club how to use it and they get good results up. Peter Busch is always helpful when I have problems.

Brian Wade, Bunbury Bridge Club: An excellent investment. Both experienced and novice directors have come to terms with the software with ease resulting in less frustration and smoother club events. Very good support offered by Peter Busch when required. Highly recommended.

Neville Walker, Congress Director: I have been using Compscore2 for nearly a year now in both club session and congress environments. It has clearly been designed from the ground up to make life easy for the Director. Simple and intuitive interfaces mean that the Director can concentrate on running the session and preparing for congresses is breeze. The link with ABF data for all players is a real plus as are the seeding and reporting options.

Les Bonnick, Congress Director: "Excellent program. Very easy to use and manoeuvre around. If at any time a problem may occur (very rarely) Peter fixes it immediately. Would strongly recommend not only for congress use, but also for club use. Extremely easy to upload results and hand files to you web site."

Trevor Strickland, Congress Director: "Even more impressed with Compscore2 ..... In my opinion it is significantly better than anything else available. The prime advantage of your software is its user-friendliness, and easy access to its author. [There are other programs that have] all manner of bells and whistles but novice users struggle with them. Your manual is excellent."

Kay Hogan, Club Director: "Exceptionally good - user friendly, big fonts, easy to understand directions, user manual etc. Loved it. Peter seems to have garnered the very best from many other programs."

Barbara O'Connor, Toowong Bridge Club: "We're finding the club pairs scoring really user friendly and everyone has been coping well with hiccups such as a pair departing after the first round! It's much easier to manage than our last scoring program, and training new people is a lot more straightforward."

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